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Zagros Energy Kavan Engineering Company

Zagros Energy Kavan Engineering Company is one of the companies covered by Iran Telecommunication Factories, which was purchased by Iran Telecommunication Factories in 2006 in line with the policy of independence and granting legal personality, and now all the shares of this company belong to Iran Telecommunication Factories. In 2006, in cooperation with Iran Khodro Motor Research Company, they succeeded in designing and manufacturing the intelligent engine system (ECU), in 2008, they succeeded in the mass production of Pride wire harnesses, and in 2010, they started the mass production of Peugeot wire harnesses. Considering the production situation of car manufacturers, this company also increases its capacities in proportion to the growth of its customers and in line with the progress of the country's car industry and meeting their needs.

  • Automatic cut-strip-crimp machine, model Komax 433α, with two female terminal stations, one double-ended female terminal station and two female flood stations.
  • Automatic cut-strip machine
  • PVC cutting machine
  • Conveyor 14 dual-purpose stations
  • Conveyor with 16 single-purpose stations
  • Types of wire harness testing devices
  • Resin injection machine
  • All types of Mecal applicators
  • Types of KM applicators
برخی ویژگی ها و تجهیزات سالن SMT 
    • Clean Room with antistatic flooring
    • Tin paste printing machines (DEK ELA, PANASONIC, MINAMI)
    • Small parts assembly machines with a speed of 40,000 pieces per hour (SIPLACE, PANASONIC)
    • Tin paste printing machines (DEK ELA, PANASONIC, MINAMI)
    • Tin paste melting furnaces (VITRONICS SOLTEC, PANASONIC)
    • X-RAY device for visual testing of BGA components (PHOENIX)

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Zagros Energy Kavan Engineering Company, with a special focus on maintaining and improving the quality of its products and considering the great variety of parts used in the wire tree, over the past few years, has succeeded in providing a laboratory center equipped with the latest equipment and product testing methods. The constituent materials of the wire tree has become one of the most reliable and well-equipped quality testing centers for the wire tree in the country by having advanced testing equipment in the fields of dimensions, temperature, mechanics, electronics and chemistry and by using several technical and expert teams. , to provide the possibility of designing and manufacturing special and special equipments related to performance and durability tests of various parts according to today's standards.

Some of these test activities are:

  • Dimensional measurement of parts with the ability to observe and take pictures of the surface of the part to match with the part plan
  • Measurement of connection voltage drop, leakage current and insulation electrical resistance of plastic sockets and insulations
  • Calculation of tearing force and percentage of length increase on rubber and plastic parts, assembly and disassembly forces for connecting sockets, terminals, dust collectors
  • Wire scratch and abrasion tests that enable simulating the wear and tear of the insulation of the wire to another wire or to the metal parts of the adjacent sharp edge.
  • Thermal shock test with advanced elevator device