Iranian telecommunications factories

Technical support centers

Technical support and telecommunication services in Iran's telecommunication factories were established as an independent unit at the same time as the transfer of digital switch technology, and started their activities in the fields of supporting digital switch centers, power supplies and access systems. Using experienced experts and precise and advanced tools, as well as continuous communication with reputable global companies in the field of telecommunications to transfer new technology, this unit responds to the needs of our dear customers in the shortest possible time.

Iran Telecommunication Factories Company


Installation, commissioning and support
  • NEAX, S12, EWSD switches
  • BTS, Emergency Mobile and Rural Mobile (WLL) sites
  • Access equipment, SDH, A/B wire, V5, MSAN
  • Eliminating the hardware and software defects of the centers
  • Conducting various training courses for customer specialists
  • Answering the technical questions of customers and providing the necessary information to the contracting companies
  • Providing services to the maintenance unit of infrastructure telecommunications centers
  • Applying PATCH and upgrading software versions of centers
  • Fast and timely presence at the site to fix the breakdown
  • Troubleshooting of NEAX, S12, EWSD telecommunication switches and Access, SDH, A/B wire, V5, MSAN equipment by phone or in person in the shortest time


  • Having educational centers in Shiraz and Tehran
  • Using new and up-to-date equipment to increase quality in order to improve telecommunication services
  • Employing local expert forces in provincial centers
  • Implementation of the requirements of telecommunication companies for optimal use of communication networks such as cocoding scheme
  • Periodic testing of telecommunications centers for timely diagnosis of acute and basic problems
  • Site Survey related to telecommunication centers and networks
  • Providing advice and design regarding Access and Transmission networks
  • Holding training courses on telecommunication systems and ACCESS equipment including A/B wire, V5, MSAN, SDH
  • Consulting and maintenance services for NEAX, S12, EWSD switches in all provinces
  • Maintenance of BTS sites
  • Improvement and optimization of BTS sites