Macro strategies

The macro strategies of Iran Telecom Factory

In this section, based on the mission of the company and the defined vision, we will deal with the presentation of selected strategies resulting from the analysis carried out in the matrices and techniques of the previous chapters, and the relationship between these modules in the form of the results of the strategic planning process. It is consideration.

  • Manpower supply strategy based on need
  • Human resource retention strategy
  • Human resource development strategy
  • The strategy of promoting and improving the performance of human resources
  • Necessary infrastructure development strategy  
  • Development strategy, growth and improvement of quality assurance 
  • Information technology development, growth and improvement strategy
  • Development strategy, growth and improvement of the financial and economic portfolio
  • Development strategy, growth and flexibility of research and development 
  • Continuous environmental analysis strategy for organizational flexibility and learning 
  • Market development strategy 
  • Product and service development strategy
  • Geographical development strategy of target markets
  • The strategy of a result-oriented and customer-oriented approach using the analysis of customer satisfaction results  
  • Focused strategies (market penetration, market development, service development) using continuous monitoring of the environment and competitors 
  • The strategy of empowering and developing employees and machines
  • The strategy of developing effective interaction with stakeholders and business partners with a focus on improving the company's mental image 
  • The strategy of moving in the path of excellence (flexibility, increasing quality, reducing time, optimizing costs)

Iran Telecommunication Factories Company

Strategy map of Iran Telecom Factory

  • A strategy map can be considered as a treasure map for any business. A plan that is supposed to guarantee the success of an organization or increase its probability if it is prepared and followed correctly. In fact, the strategy map is a diagram that is used to document the primary strategic goals of an organization and is a response to the increasing complexity of the business world and the optimal translation of the business strategy for a deeper understanding and alignment of the employees of an organization with the strategy. .
A strategy map can be effective and useful in the following cases: 
  • Provide a visual model of the business strategy, its goals and priorities 
  • Determining the points of focus on specific goals and the relationship between them 
  • Supporting strategy-related issues by deploying everything in the right place for the business
  • Provide a framework for enforcement actions 
  • Provide a reporting framework 


Core values

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