Capital and shareholders

The capital of the company at the beginning of its establishment was 180 million Rials (including the number of 18,000 shares, with a nominal value of ten thousand Rials per share), which during several stages amounted to 9,095,450 million Rials (including the number of 9,095,450,000 shares, has increased to the nominal value of 1,000 Rials.


Composition of shareholders of Iran's telecommunications factories on 03/31/1401


rowName of the shareholdernumber of sharesOf shares
1Provincial investment companies (equity shares)1,949,941,39221.44%
2equity shares released to individuals (direct method)862,094,4249.48%
3Atiye Damavand Investment Group Company678,561,7177.46%
4Other legal shareholders493,237,1535.42%
5Other real shareholders۵,۱۱۱,۶۱۵,۳۱۴56.2%
* Other shareholders: include shareholders who own less than 1% of the company's shares. 

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