The mission of Iran Telecommunications Factory Company

Iran Telecommunication Factories Company as the first and largest company in the field of design and production of telecommunications equipment in the country with the support of committed, creative and scholarly employees and relying on innovation and development of its production and research capabilities and with the approach of value creation and economic synergy as well as It is to improve the level of education, research and technology and lay the foundation for market development. These services include a wide range of activities in the telecommunications and information technology industries, agriculture, meteorology, defense industries, automobile industry, energy and oil and petrochemical industries in order to create added value for all stakeholders. The comprehensiveness and breadth of the company's activities due to its long history, expertise and technical capabilities as a knowledge-based and reliable company at the level of the country and region has made it possible to provide services on a large scale, so we are determined to expand our markets outside of We are the country and especially the neighboring countries. Providing desirable products and services in the field of telecommunications, electronics, mechanics,Information and communication technology, industrial and modern engineering... by using new resources, tools and systems with the highest and best quality and in accordance with the current standards of the world and creating confidence in the customers about the quantity and quality of the goods provided and maintenance, maintenance and trustworthiness From the interests of stakeholders including: shareholders, customers, employees (line, headquarters and regional offices). This is our compass and we use it as the driving force of our business in order to create more value.

Iran Telecommunication Factories Company

Core values

Macro strategies

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