Iranian telecommunications factories

Consulting and designing all kinds of industrial electronic systems

Relying on experts with experience and required design equipment, the electronics industry has been able to take effective steps to produce a variety of knowledge-based products with fully indigenous technology and in accordance with the needs of the country. In this regard, the production of products such as DC telecommunication coolers and telecommunication rectifiers are prominent examples of these achievements. In recent years, most of the equipment needed by first mobile operators, Rightel and Mobin Net company has been provided by these factories in the form of various projects.

در حال حاضر این واحد آمادگی دارد تجربیات خود را در این زمینه در قالب اموری چون مشاوره، طراحی و تولید انواع سیستم های الکترونیک صنعتی و مخابراتی در اختیار دیگر شرکتهای فعال در این زمینه قرار دهد

Iran Telecommunication Factories Company