The field of research of Iran's telecommunication factories in order to achieve superior research and development in the country's telecommunication industry and in order to implement the strategic policy of industrial self-reliance, since 1378 by renovating its structure and equipping its facilities with the most advanced design tools and expert manpower while cooperating with universities. and reputable research centers inside and outside the country, undertaking the design and construction of telecommunication equipment, including low-capacity centers (ITMX and NISDN ), Low Capacity Mobile Phone Center (LCMSC ), remote control network of switch terminals (RMT ) and low-capacity and high-capacity power supplies (CPS360 ، PS2880 و CPS240)، Types of desk phones (S118 و ۲۰۳۰) and medical equipment (mobile hematology and radiology).

The fields of activity are:

Telecommunication networks

- Mobile communications

طراحي و پياده‌سازي MSCتسلط بر انواع BTSهاي شرکت‌هاي مطرح طراحي و پياده‌سازي نمونه‌ي صنعتي Server MSC/VLR/HLR مبتني بر فناوري NGN

"Iran Telecommunication Factory Company, the first and largest knowledge-based company that manufactures telecommunication equipment in the country"

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از سال۱۳۴۵

- Mobile communications

Designing and implementing MSC, mastering all types of BTSs of prominent companies, designing and implementing industrial examples of Server MSC/VLR/HLR based on NGN technology

- Fixed and data

Study, design and implementation of IP-DSLAM equipment
Study, design and implementation of Media Gateway equipment
Study, design and implementation of other elements of NGN network with the joint cooperation of Iran Telecommunication Research Center

- Rural telecommunications

WLL network based on GSM for use in rural centers
Access systems with V5.2 and SS7 capabilities

- Nutrition sources

Target product support and update based on customer feedback for low capacity power supplies
Mod switch
Studying, designing, building and optimizing the design of high-capacity power sources based on resonance technology


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