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Organizational structure of Tehran office

Considering the population density in the northern half of the country, especially the Caspian Sea border and the provinces neighboring the capital, the Tehran office aims to develop and improve in providing better and faster services to its customers and also to establish effective coordination with the center, maintaining The domestic market and increasing production capacity and telecommunication services were established and continued to work within the framework of the policies of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

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Tehran, Dr. Shariati St
Postal code: 16616-16617

Providing services with the following axes is one of the work priorities of the Tehran office:

A: Technical support of the centers (Technical Support Dept)

These affairs aim to carry out technical affairs, service and support of all types of telecommunication systems in the country by training relevant technical and expert forces, and is responsible for the overall task of installation and commissioning, troubleshooting, technical training and conducting periodical tests of telecommunication systems. .

For this purpose, the laboratory sample of most of the switches and project centers in the country has been installed and launched in the Trex center of the Tehran office, so that in addition to educational uses for experts, when there are problems in the country's telecommunication systems, the experts can simulate the above centers into faulty centers. Provide the possibility of quick resolution of the problem in virtual centers and minimize the damage and outage in the country's communication system. The change in the telecommunication needs of the country in landline technology and access and transmission systems has increased the activities of these matters for the installation and operation of the mentioned systems in the country. Also, the impressive activities of mobile phone experts and equipment related to mobile phone operators, which started with the installation and support of Siemens mobile switches, continues today with the production and support of rectifier and transmission racks and mini racks.

B: Marketing & Sales Dept.

It operates with the aim of providing telecommunication services and solutions to its customers, who are generally made up of fixed and mobile telecommunication operators as well as subsidiary companies of the Ministry of ICT. Marketing Tehran in the direction of the company's policies, taking into account the high capacity of the organization in the production of equipment and products, as well as maintenance and support services, after examining the needs of customers and matching them with the existing products and services by holding technical and commercial meetings with them. It proposes technical solutions based on the most up-to-date technology available and, if necessary, by establishing relationships with reputable foreign brands, with many of whom it has exclusive production and cooperation contracts as its business partners, to optimize products and coordinate and integrate them. According to the needs of customers.

C: Proficiency Training

According to the commitments of Iran's telecommunications factories regarding the education and training of telecommunication specialists in various fields, with the policy of transferring the latest technology to the country's specialists using domestic and foreign professors from technology companies, the Tehran office is located in two parts of the theoretical and educational space. The laboratory was equipped to fulfill its mission in various educational fields along with the educational space in the factory.